WORKSHOPS PRAGUE - 03. 03. 2012
The Workshop UNKNOWING HURTS is held
Where: in Prague, the Czech Republic, Hotel BAROKO
When: on 20th-24th June 2012
Subject area: Family / parent education in the field of Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Working language(s): EN, CZ

Target Group + Translation:
Parents and family members of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, those who are interested in the issue of raising children with autism

Accomodation, meals, travelling fare, program are free for the participants.

Main activities Programme + Programme translation:
The Workshop UNKNOWING HURTS provides a number of educational activities for parents of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in order to improve their skills in raising children with disabilities:
  • Lectures, presentations and seminars of experts in autism,
  • Discussion ("Round Table") of the participants, comparing the systems of social benefits and supporting system for families with children with autism in various European countries,
  • Practical activities and therapeutic procedures how to develop the children´s communicative and social skills in children with ASD, presentation of innovative methods and techniques,
  • Presentations of using education aids, DVDs, and study materials in the field of autism,
  • Relaxation training for the prevention of burnout,
  • Optional program aimed at networking (meeting and sharing experience for the participants from European countries), making new friends, and get contacts to develop the ideas in the after-project activities or in the following projects
Workshop Organiser:
Asociace pomáhající lidem s autismem – APLA Praha, střední Čechy, o.s.
(Association supporting people with autism - APLA Praha)

Contact details:
V Holešovičkách 593/1A
509 01 Praha
CZ – Czech Republic


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